Tuesday, June 21, 2011

San Rafael Swell

Sight seeing on the way to the Swell

Pictographs at the Swell

Dirt bike fun

turning into a butterfly in a pink cocoon 

heart rock

Desert fires

The "chasm" the boys found

The "dirt biker" rock

Monday, June 20, 2011

More house pictures, and a sunset stroll through the dog park.

One of Beebs's many bird friends
The wall hangings Grammy got us. We love them!

My herb garden...

...and vegetable garden. 

Our house from the dog park. 
The baseball fields near our house from the dog park. 
View of the city from the dog park. 

Wasatch mountains from the dog park. 

LOVE sunsets at the dog park! 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New House

I'm not good at keeping this thing updated! Bah! But a lot has happened since December. Jd and I bought a house! We absolutely love it! It was starting to get cold and dark out so I haven't gotten good pictures of the front yard yet (although there are not many good pictures to be taken of the front yard... yet). But here is the grand tour of the rest of the house :)

 The view from the front door. Like I said, the front of the house still needs A LOT of work! We are excited to do some landscaping to it as soon as it starts finally being nice out! And I'll make sure to post before and after pictures! But for now we will begin at the front door :)

 The view from just inside the house looking downstairs. Please, don't look too closely, Jd's gonna kill me for showing some of the messy spots in the house! haha

The view at the top of the stairs looking down the hallway toward the bedrooms with Beebs as your tour guide.

Just turned around from the last picture, facing the living room.

Into the living room facing the hallway and stairs. We love our new painting of the black bears :) . We like to think it was done in Maine!

Inside the living room looking into the kitchen/dining area.
                                Our dining room area.

The sliding glass door leading to the deck.

Kitchen area. I LOVE my granite counter tops...

 ... and my oak floors!
So the lady at Sears made sure to let us know that our new stainless steel fridge would not be magnetic and would also not have a water filter. She was completely trying to get us to buy something more expensive. When it arrived we immediately noticed the amazing water filter inside the fridge and soon after painted our "nook" with magnetic primer so we could have a magnetic surface. At Easter our friend didn't believe us that it would not be magnetic so she stuck a magnet on it, and guess what. IT STUCK! Stupid lady at Sears! But we still LOVE our wall. We may have done it anyway!

Jd put in the new faucet with the pull down sprayer :)

My Keurig machine and wine rack. Two essentials :)

One of Jd's favorite parts of the house. His new grill I got him for his birthday.

The view of the back yard from the deck. The grass is super dead. We definitely have our work cut out for us!

More of the back deck.

The side of the house.

The guest bathroom.

More of the guest bathroom.

The hallway when you leave the bathroom. The guest bedroom and office are on the left side of the hallway and the master bedroom is on the right after the bathroom. 

The guest bedroom. Although, Beebs has pretty much claimed it as her own.

The "office". Yea, it's more of a junk room right now than anything else. It'll come along eventually!

Our bedroom.

The master bath. Oh boy. It needs A LOT of work! Especially a working shower would be nice! 

 Going down the stairs.

The basement fireplace and window. Eventually we are going to get a new bigger TV for upstairs and put our current one over the fireplace here.

The rest of the downstairs. AKA the rest of the junk area for now. Eventually there will be a bar area here. The downstairs is going to be the "sports area/ man cave"

My new washer and dryer. And the future home of another bathroom. It was listed as a half bath. There is no toilet and only a utility sink. How is that legal to claim as a half bath?

Another one of Jd's favorite parts of the house, the garage!

The future home of Jd's tuning station for our snowboards!

So that's our house for now. Lot of updates in the future! It's going to take forever but we've already had tons of fun doing what we've done. I'll post more before and after pictures as the projects proceed!